Pinguin Radio

Pinguin Radio is a Dutch web only radio station which started broadcasting via the web on 1 oktober 2011. It was the successor of KINK FM, a very popular radiostation in the Netherlands which quit activities after 15 years of broadcasting via cable, satellite and the internet.

We are located near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our time is GMT + 1.

Pinguin Radio offers a mix of pop, rock, hiphop, reggae, folk, metal en singer-songwriters: golden oldies but especially new music. We are an independent radio station, with no commercial intentions or targets. We are funded by some musiclovers-founders and by our listeners. You will not hear any news interruptions, commercial breaks, traffic info etc. We dedicate as much time as possible to good music.

We specialize in broadcasting and developing new indie or alternative music.

Our motto: no bullshit, great music. Our guideline: you have 2 kinds of music: good and bad, we try to only broadcast good music.

During the week we broadcast non-stop music, in the weekend we have specialized programs with hip-hip, house, britpop, metal etc. presented by experts in that particular area.

Start of 2013 Pinguin Radio is a top 150 webradio station worldwide via shoutcast. We are worldwide the number 1 independent alternative music station. We have more than 2 million streamstarts every month and more than 100.000 unique listeners.

Pinguin Radio consists of 6 full time contributers and 14 volunteers.